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Ferhat Kanarya was born in 1970. After graduated computer engineering department in Istanbul Technical University, he started to work as a software developer. The Hidden Location of the Holy Grail is his first book. He is currently working in the information technologies department of an international banking company as a project leader.
He lives with his wife and his daughter in Istanbul, Turkey.

Current Researches :

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What means "Gradale" ?

Cistercian chronicler Helinandus (d. about 1230), who, under the date of about 717, mentions of a vision, shown to a hermit concerning the dish used by Jesus at the Last Supper, and about which the hermit then wrote a Latin book called "Gradale" "Now in French," so Helinandus informs us, "Gradalis or Gradale means a dish (scutella), wide and somewhat deep, in which costly viands are wont to be served to the rich in degrees (gradatim), one morsel after another in different rows. In popular speech it is also called "greal" because it is pleasant (grata) and acceptable to him eating therein" etc. The medieval Latin word "gradale" because in Old French "graal," or "greal," or "greel," whence the English "grail." Others derive the word from "garalis" or from "cratalis" (crater, a mixing bowl). It certainly means a dish, the derivation from "grata" in the latter part of the passage cited above or from "agréer" (to please) in the French romances is secondary. The explanation of "San greal" as "sang real" (kingly blood) was not current until the later Middle Ages. Other etymologies that have been advanced may be passed over as obsolete.


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